Some of the services offered by AITEK:

  • Remote Database Administration – Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Remote Database Development – Reports, Queries, Scripts, Optimization and Design
  • Infrastructure Auditing – Analysis of the existing infrastructure and possible optimizations
  • Applicant Screening – A mix of Practical and theoretical knowledge to screen your next hire
  • IT Audits – Unbiased infrastructure and project auditing
  • .net and php Software Engineering – Planning, Design and Management
  • SQL Server Training – Have a staff member that could be your accidental DBA?  AITEK can help get this member up to speed and on the right grack with remote training days.
  • AITEK is partnered with Netuserve to bridge the gap between SQL Server and VMware/SAN performance.  Finally, your virtualization, storage and database team can get along.

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